Unusual Perspectives

In everyday work (and life), your thoughts, views and opinions are largely guided by your own experiences and interpretations. With ‘Unusual Perspectives’, you get a small shot of inspiration from someone who thinks, and looks, just a little differently.


“There are so many beautiful stories, let's use them to get people out of the Covid-19 isolation and inspired to look at life; this is what these unusual perspectives mean to me. The one gift Covid-19 brings is that you can get a large group of people together in a very short time. I am proud that we became the weekly inspiration for a large group of people.”

Jip Samhoud, Founder & CEO

People like to be with like-minded people and to get confirmation of their own thoughts and opinions. New media platforms offering algorithm-driven content, based on previous choices and preferences, have created information bubbles. At the same time, people are curious. Curiosity has brought mankind further and further forward. The explorers of our time are not looking for new physical worlds, rather for new ways of thinking, surprising angles, inspiration and creativity. 


Once a week, &samhoud offered the explorers of our time a short shot of inspiration under the heading “Unusual Perspectives”. Participants follow a half-hour conversation with a person who has a special way of life, or a special outlook on life. It is also possible to exchange short questions. Through this short yet impactful experience, participants can move on with positive energy and a head full of inspiration and new possible ideas. In some cases, participants may be so inspired that they take new paths in life.


The online sessions on Tuesday morning started at 8:30 a.m. and lasted exactly thirty minutes. Short and sweet. Every week, hundreds of people signed up; some attended all five sessions, others attended one or a few sessions. In total, some 2,500 people have been inspired by these ‘Unusual Perspectives’. The biggest impact was the positives responses on the chat and social channels. People felt inspired, enriched and energized.