Healthy food, deliciously important

Albert Heijn

Only 40% of Dutch children eat the daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables. With Foodstars, we encourage healthy eating and the varied consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.


The daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables contains nutrients that children need to grow and to prevent diseases. Through better nutrition, children grow up healthy and school performance improves. In this way, they are not only building a better life for themselves, but also a better society. The fact that only 40% of Dutch children eat the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables leads to unhealthy eating and living patterns and has a negative impact on health.


A savings campaign consisting of 64 unique ‘characters’, the Foodstars – including a card game and app. To stimulate a change in behaviour, our aim was to influence the way children look at fruit and vegetables. Not by telling them how good it is for them and explaining why, rather by giving them a fun and positive experiences with fruit and vegetables. The Foodstars challenge children to make healthier choices a little more often and discover how tasty and fun healthy(-er) eating really is. With the Foodstars cards, they can play fun games. And the TikTok-inspired Foodstars app is full of fun and healthy challenges to play with friends or family.


The aim was to inspire and motivate children to eat more healthily. One of the tools used to achieve this was the Foodstars app. During the four-week campaign, the app was downloaded by more than 100,000 children. The perception of Albert Heijn as a healthy retailer increased significantly and the Foodstars proved to be a great tool for parents to get their children to eat healthier.