Good education for disadvantaged youth

Teach For Malaysia

Good education is one of the most important pillars of a better future. In many countries, however, good education is only accessible to the elite. Teach For Malaysia (TFM) helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain access to good education, thus working towards a brighter future.

“Contributing to a brighter future of the less privileged through better education is fully aligned with my personal higher goal.”

Sahil Sharma, senior consultant &samhoud Asia

In many countries, good education is not accessible to poor people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The education system distinguishes between poor and rich, which leads to even greater inequality of opportunity. Teach for Malaysia is an independent non-profit organization with a mission. It is a movement that mobilizes ambitious young talents from various companies to commit themselves for at least two years to the implementation of education programs for disadvantaged youth. Their companies will fund TFM, train the talents and offer them personal coaching. This way, they can develop themselves as teachers, which makes them even better leaders of the future. Thanks to their participation in these education programs, good education becomes accessible for young people from a lower social class. Moreover, these children get a unique opportunity to develop themselves and by participating they gain control over a brighter future. 


At &samhoud Asia, we advise and guide several companies in their trajectories to innovate, change, and improve. As a part of our approach, we train and coach managers and (future) leaders to help them in their personal development. We help the board of Teach for Malaysia with leadership and team development, so that they can be more effective towards all the talents who have invested 2 years of their life to help give poor children a better future. We also encourage talents working for our clients to partake in Teach for Malaysia. This way, Teach for Malaysia gets support as well as new funding. And besides leadership development, we also have our ‘House of Connection’ (our office in Kuala Lumpur) which is a creative space that’s always open for the TMF Board as a source of inspiration.


Teach for Malaysia is part of a worldwide network of educational institutions called Teach for All. Children in 50 different countries have gained access to good education thanks to this program. It’s a movement that stands alone from existing educational systems in these 50 countries, aiming to improve their systems so that good education becomes accessible for many more. Around 450 managers and leaders from various organizations have helped about 130,000 young people to gain access to a brighter future.