A healthy lifestyle

Many children play outside less and less. With Expedition X, children have the opportunity to explore and discover the wonderful world of animals outside their front door.

“This project originated from thinking possibilities, instead of limitations imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic. With this game, in collaboration with Freek Vonk, we have motivated children sitting at home to go outside and go on digital animal discoveries in their own neighborhood and I love that!”

Bas Lensveld, Digital Project Manager &samhoud creative tech

The number of children playing outside regularly has fallen in recent years, from 20% to 14%. Of all children, 30% never play outside or only once a week. That is a pity, because children who do develop their motor skills and become physically stronger, have lower stress levels, are more resistant to illness and have fewer colds, experience more peace of mind, and can concentrate better. Playing outdoors also helps children to be more social, develops empathy and makes them happy! It stimulates self-confidence, creativity and a solution-focused approach. Sunlight also has a beneficial effect on the eyes and on the production of vitamin D.


Together with Prof. Freek Vonk, we developed a mobile game to get children between the ages of 6 and 12 off the couch and to send them on their way safely in their own environment. Within a radius of 250 metres around their homes, they are challenged to look for unusual creatures. Expedition X combines outdoor play, education and gaming, allowing children to experience outdoor adventures while learning about the extraordinary animal kingdom. On their phone or tablet, they find a map of their own neighbourhood that is transformed into a savannah or an underwater world. On this map, there are several hints that can be unlocked to guess animals. With every hint they unlock, they get closer to the solution. Meanwhile, Freek Vonk tells fun facts about the animal kingdom.


Many thousands of children have been inspired to go outside thanks to Expedition X. More than 45,000 different sessions have been started, and actively played, in the app by around 12,000 different users. Approximately, 91,000 different ‘clue boxes’ have been used in the explorations, 62,000 gems have been earned while playing the game, and an estimate of 11,000 boosters have been used. The most beautiful impact to see, however, is that many children have been actively playing outside.