Continuously preventive health monitor


Healthy living prevents disease. Everyone knows it, yet too few people act on it. That’s why we stated an audacious goal to have at least 1 million people in the Netherlands working towards a healthier lifestyle by 2023. They have an updated and personal overview of their health and lifestyle. Through a motivating yet achievable plan, they know what steps they need to take towards a healthier lifestyle. We daily put our effort in reaching this goal. The Personal Health Check gives people an insight to their health and lifestyle and stimulates a change in behaviour.

"It’s really cool to join forces on very relevant themes in society. We’re continuously looking for possibilities with people from the business world, arts and the social sector. Truly working together!'"

Wouter van Daalen, partner at &samhoud consultancy

People often seem to go to the doctor only when showing symptoms. In many of the cases, however, these symptoms could have been prevented with a healthier lifestyle. There are 10 risk factors that you actively manage that cause more than 70% of chronic disease in the western world. Furthermore, 27% of healthcare costs are caused by these manageable factors. It’s time for a collective understanding of those personal risk factors.


The Personal Health Check that is developed in collaboration with Health Funds and Doctors’ Organizations is the instrument that we use to identify the above-mentioned personal risk factors. This check gives insight and advice on an individual and group-level (organization, sector, municipality, region etc.). The Personal Health Check will be updated this summer, making it THE dashboard for personal prevention motivating healthier behaviour.


By offering prevention through various channels – over 700 employers, insurance companies, municipalities, health funds and possibly also general practitioners – we are able to offer citizens an affordable and accessible option to get themselves medically checked. Around 64% of the participants felt more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle after doing our Personal Health Check! Our data also showed that many people were already in the ‘danger zone’ without them knowing. Around 10,1% of the participants has a very high risk of cardiovascular disease, around 3,8% has a very high blood pressure, and around 3,4% has a very high risk of burn-out without being aware of it. These numbers further emphasize the urgency of the matter. By using the data we generate for scientific research and the so called ‘dynamic guideline development’, we hope to make a visible and measurable social impact. This way, we can collectively work towards a healthier lifestyle for everyone.