Catch them young

NIBUD research shows that people who’ve learned how to handle money at a young age are more likely to have their finances in order later in life. Therefore, we developed the coolest pocket-money app commissioned by Rabobank, a product that was the first in the Netherlands to make use of PSD2 technology.

"The coolest pocket money app for children."

GAF van Baalen, Co-owner & Game director &ranj

A big part of all financial transactions happens digitally, leading to a strongly decreasing amount of actual cash in circulation. Schools have very few time to spend on financial education, which is why we looked for a different way to start the conversation between parents and children. How do you teach children the value of money? Whoever learns this at a young age, is more likely to have their finances in order later in life.  


In cooperation with Rabobank, we thought of a digital solution and developed a character that children could relate to the most. With PinPin, the coolest pocket money app, children learn via Augmented Reality how to deal with money. By connecting it to their real Rabobank account, your child is able to check their own balance and set a savings goal. The credo is: if you take care of PinPin, he will make sure your money is well looked-after. Through various educational games, children learn more about money and money matters. Via a specially designed parental area in the app, parents are able to monitor their child’s account and see what their child is saving for. Parents can also use the app to reward their children with ‘icicles’, for example for doing chores. This way, talking about money with your children becomes a fun activity. Other than that, parents are given tips and tricks on how to responsibly educate children about finances.


In total, around 95% of all local Rabobank offices participated in PinPin. In Dutch app stores, the PinPin app was ranked number 1 in the educational games section. The game has 280,000 unique users and of all 1,864,010 gaming sessions, 565,233 gaming sessions took place in the PinPin app. The game led to a 25% increase in children’s bank accounts.