Blue Monday in Utrecht

Many civil society organizations – those in Utrecht included – can’t survive on altruism and positive intentions alone. It’s also about the professionalism of the organization, the plans and the implementation thereof. Blue Monday was the main reason to organize a day full of professional support in honour of civil society organizations based in Utrecht.

“An eventful day on which you connect through knowledge from different perspectives on the axis of societal involvement. It was enriching for everyone present with a great deal of fun!”

Irene Krijgsman, consultant at &samhoud

In 2005, the British psychologist Cliff Arnall invented a formula that determines which day is the most gloomy day of the year. The outcome: The Monday of the last full week in January is when the most people felt blue. Since then, Blue Monday is a widely known term as well as a source of inspiration for initiatives focused on positivity and optimism. In 2019, &samhoud also organized Blue Monday to help Utrecht based civil society organizations achieve their goals.


On Blue Monday 2019, we took our signature blue football, representing connection, and went to a district in Utrecht called Kanaleneiland. We met residents and initiators of district-oriented projects and volunteer organizations. In the ‘Krachtstation’ – translated as ‘Power station’ – we spoke about their goals and ambitions and how you can reach them. We ended up collaborating with volunteer organizations, such as ‘Stichting Leren voor de Toekomst’, ‘het Oranjefonds’, ‘the National Jeugdontbijt’, ‘Stichting Al Amal’ and others, that form the foundation of society in Utrecht. We spoke about issues like inequality of opportunity, after-school homework assistance, social placements, diversity and inclusion. With our knowledge and inspiration, we helped them to grow and reach their goals which improves their social impact and more positively received.


With our expertise and methods, we were able to strengthen the cement of society in Utrecht. After the Blue Monday kick-off, we stayed involved in several civil society organizations for months to really help them grow. Every organization was able to achieve more. For example, by giving families access to breakfast where they can’t afford it themselves. To connect with these civil society organizations through positivity and give them a boost in realizing their ambitions, fulfilled us as well. So, to us, the biggest impact was to work together in strengthening a sense of purpose.