Aware of your (financial) Future


In the future, people will not postpone important decisions regarding their finances. They will be well-prepared, which gives them inner peace, a feeling of comfort and security. ‘Walk along with me’ is an interactive personal video that gives people insight in how their choices of today impact their pension later.

“It was an extremely cool challenge to take complex and dull information about your pension and turn it into something manageable and mainly something fun for users through an interactive ‘Choose your own’ video.”

Claartje Schulp, Project Manager

Around 5,5 million people in the Netherlands are currently building up a wage-related pension which is calculated according to an abstract formula. Many people don’t know how much pension they’ve built up and are unaware of what they can expect later on in life. For that reason, they don’t make choices regarding their pension, thus classifying the pension as something far away, complicated and boring.


With an interactive and personal video called ‘Walk along with me,’ people walk in their own storyline along recognizable dilemmas about money, sustainability and the future. The choices they make in the game have an impact on their storyline. Step by step, they learn more about their pension but also more about pension provider APG and its role in the pension system. This video leads them to an online platform with specific information based on their personal choices.


The video was developed ‘mobile first’ to specifically attract younger target groups. The video has been viewed over 35,000 times and has won the Pension Pro Award.