An even better future for the Netherlands


In 2015, NL2025 was founded from the joint belief and passion to make a better future for the current and future generations in the Netherlands. &samhoud helps to lead this movement and to increase the impact of existing successful initiatives.

“It’s really cool to join forces on very relevant themes in society. We’re continuously looking for possibilities with people from the business world, arts and the social sector. Truly working together!”

Wouter van Daalen, partner at &samhoud consultancy

NL2025 wants to inspire, activate and facilitate citizens of the Netherlands to cooperate in making the Netherlands an even more beautiful country. It’s a movement in which CEOs and leaders from cultural and scientific backgrounds from the arts, business world and sports (the ‘boosters’) are personally committed to the ‘pay forward’ principle: ‘I will do something for you, so you can pass that on to someone else.’ The movement started in 2015 with a survey about the future of the Netherlands. Thanks to 100,000 people filling out the survey, three main topics were chosen: excellent education, sustainable growth, and a vital society. In 2020 the survey ‘On behalf of the Netherlands’ was repeated and it has been filled out for more than 170,000 times since then. Both times there was a clear answer: Yes, we do love the Netherlands and to keep it that way, we have to get to work.  


With our expertise and network, &samhoud has helped in boosting the national movement. Other than that, we help national initiatives to land locally and vice versa by upscaling local initiatives in order to increase their impact. As a booster and a member of Utrecht’s main team, &samhoud increases effectivity on a local scale. Every quarterly, we discuss the promising initiatives, we speak to their initiators and match them to organizations that can help them upscale. We function as the motor that drives conversations about promising initiatives, and we help them increase impact afterwards. Examples are ‘Get it done’, FutureNL, Stadsnetwerk and IMC Weekendschool. These projects are, among other things, aimed at increasing equal opportunities in education.  


Our impact grew because we didn’t offer one-off support. We help and facilitate the continuous flow of processes and conversations, in which we make connections between initiatives as well as between people and organisations which in turn creates new opportunities.