A healthy lifestyle


JOYN ME is an online game developed to get people actively working on a healthy lifestyle and building healthy habits. The game is used by several companies to motivate employees to work on their lifestyle through team competition and cooperation.

“I think that in many companies the importance of exercising, mental and social vitality is underrated. Though, this importance needs to be readdressed in a fun and playful way.”

Loïs Neugebauer, Consultant Spatial Planning

Our lifestyle is the biggest threat for our health. Thus, health prevention would be the best solution to this problem. In order to realize this, we need to work on improving our lifestyle. The only thing is, changing behavioural patterns is not an easy task. JOYN ME helps to intrinsically motivate employees to work on their health on a daily basis. Even the smallest improvements in lifestyle will result in immense savings on health care budgets.  


At the moment, it’s relatively easy for employees to receive a health report with practical advice. However, the report alone doesn’t motivate employees enough to work on building healthier habits. We developed a game in which teams of employees can compete with other teams to complete as many challenges as possible. In order to complete these challenges, employees are encouraged to cooperate with their teammates. Eventually, the players can see their scores in the JOYN ME app.  


Through the use of several pilots, the game was continuously improved. JOYN ME is now available and can be customized to the specific context for each company. There are 5 default challenges available that each take about two weeks to complete. By working together with dozens of employees, around 45,000 employees are able to actively participate in the program.