Our story

We are connected by our shared higher goal: Together we build a brighter future.

Higher goal

In 1989 Salem Samhoud visited restless Soweto. In the middle of the riots he found himself standing in front of a huge billboard. On the sign was a picture of a group of people of all races with the text: Together we’ll build a brighter future. A sign of hope. A sign of connection. At that moment he knew it: ‘this is my higher goal’.


Who we are and how we do things is based on four core values: authenticity, intensity, friendship and joy.


Our theme is connection, this is why our company’s name starts with the &-sign. We believe it’s crucial in life, to live, to have fun but also to win. People who are connected with themselves are better able to connect with others.

True connecters live intensely, show a sincere interest in others and live in the moment. With &samhoud personal vision we help people connect with themselves. Through the &samhoud foundation we run an educational programme to help children connect with each other and with what they want in life.

Blue ball of Connection


A ball invites people to play. When you throw a ball into a group of people they will start playing with it – even if they don’t know each other. Without thinking, people will engage themselves in a game, however simple it may be. When given a ball everyone will have a moment of careless fun. Without words, a ball connects people. Blue represents inspiration.

Like the sky, the colour blue refers to limitless possibilities, to making dreams come true. Like the sea, the colour blue embodies enormous depths. Mysterious, fascinating and full of life. Therefore, the ball of connection is blue.


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